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 I was born with a veil covering my face. My mother didn\'t save it as she was unaware it had meaning. She got the German measils near the beginning of her pregnancy and was told abortion was really her only option because we were both not likely to survive. She refused, I was born July,14,1975, youngest and only girl of 5 children. I had a great upbringing, couldn\'t have asked for more loving parents and life was always exciting with 4 older brothers. We moved a lot and always lived in homes not big enough for our family size but i believe that\'s what made us such a close family. My mom was a fortune teller while we were growing up and we lived in many haunted places. Some spirits were not bothersome, just lost souls and some were evil and scary energies. My mom would help them to move on and out of the house :) my brothers all would bug me and try to get me out of the bedroom when any freaky things would happen cause they said the spirits like to be wherever I was. They would also give me a hard time about getting weird feeling of something going to happen. I wouldn\'t know what or when but I would experience feeling of sadness or joy and almost immediately after the feeling something would happen. I stopped telling when I would get the feeling so they couldn\'t tease me. When becoming an adult and having 3 beautiful baby girls ���� I have not experienced the feelings before something happening and I no longer remember my dreams. :( I was always a ppl person growing up with a lot of friends even tho I never stayed at a school long. I was happiest surrounded by family and friends. Since about 2005 I\'m happiest when alone or with my family. I have no desire for friends and will chase any ppl away that try to step into my life. I am somewhat of a loner by choice. Happiest when home or travelling to new places where I do not recognize any faces. Ppl bother me now. I don\'t like to be judgmental but I see right through their disguise. I\'m hoping this is a phase and I will enjoy ppl again in the future. Thanks for creating this site!

Jenny. British Columbia, Canada

I am 45 years old. My mother told me in my late 20's that I was born with a veil, which was stolen by the nurses. My life has always been different from others from a young age. I was once told by a old woman that I was destined for great things in life . As a child, I was adored by a lot of people including strangers. I had strong visions and dreams that came true. I could sense death in the family before it happens. I can foretell things before they happen, which is very scary. I am a loner, I am happiest when I am alone. I pray and talk to my ancestors a lot. I have been through a lot of trials and tribulations but I have never given up. I always feels as though there is someone up there looking after me. Sometimes I feel empty as though there is something missing in my life. In my adult years I seem to have made a lot of enemies unintentionally because I can sense bad people from far and distance myself from them.
Olga. Johannasburg. South Africa


Hi everyone, I'm from Sydney Australia and I was born with the caul nearly 64 years ago. My mother didn't keep the caul - it was like a cap over the top of my head. I didn't think much about it when she told me, when I was quite young. I don't have any psychic powers, nor do I think that I haven't had much good luck in my life (although I am a cancer survivor, so maybe that's good luck!)

The one thing I do have though is an absolute fascination for the sea! Since I could walk, I\'ve been a water baby! I only heard about the affinity for the sea that we caul bearers have later in life and that explained my love for all things "water"! I used to go into the surf as a toddler, get dumped by the waves, get up and head straight back in! I learnt to swim at a very young age and still swim regularly. I just love being in water, particularly the sea. It's like I'm being drawn in by the waves by some unexplainable force. I know that I'll never, ever drown!

Does anyone else have this fascination? I'd love to know!

Allyson, Sydney, Australia


Hi all, i was born 1966 near Salem Mass, i was born with a veil over my head. i was told it was special, i could see, feel and hear things others couldnt. it went away for some years, now its back, im older and want to learn about this calling we have. are we blessed or cursed...i say now a days i dont see dead people anymore, i see stupid people.
Linda. San Jose, USA


Hello greetings from Puerto Rico, my son was born in the caul at birth in a water birth, since it started talking we realized that sees beyond that we could see for that reason we moved from a house that was a nightmare for him his only 3 years old now, we don't know why but he loves airplanes,, some might give me recommendation of how to help him so you he develop his gifts, , and if anyone can tell me what happens at sundown and when night falls he does not like long look up and if it first look to see and says " let them to leave" and when he sees then going out to plaY.

welcome any help!

Love this website I have much to learn.

Miliesh. San Juan. Puerto Rico


I was born in Jamaica from the age of five i knew that i was different from say my cousins because i was able to talk to the spirits and felt good about it there was problem in the home with bad spirits and i have to be home so things could be calm .if something is going to happen to any of my family .i get the vision i get the dates but what bothers me if someone hurt me then something bad happens to them then i feel guilty about that but i cant help it i am missed understood all the time i will go to bed and dream and tell you what is going to happen
Joan. New York.


I am simply fascinated to hear stories of caulbearers that few months ago I never thought of, or even imagined there was anything like it. I was told that I was born with a veil and everybody in my family including my aunt knew my story but me, until three months ago. I am 38 and I am still trying to figure out how true and what is it about being a caulbearer. I read with amusement how fortunate are others who happen to be caulbearers, I was never as lucky and always had to fight tribulations in my life. I always had the worst run-ins with people until I prayed that God help me with such a weakness, I always told people things about themselves that really angered them and I cried all the time because it happened that I upset people. I did not understand that I was being insensitive or just a straight talker. My family would not even go into details about my birth story, what happened to the caul, they simply brush me off and what makes it worse my mother passed on five years ago, maybe she would answer my questions. I am only happy since my sister revealed to me by coincidence that I was a caulbearer as that gave me such a huge amount of hope in life. Currently, since I now know, when I worship with my eyes closed I see a bright light from heaven as if heavens are opening up for me. I always felt hated or despised by certain people, I still have a pocket of such people, but the revelation of this mystery of being born with the net gives me so much explanation and strength to go on. I no longer feel like I am odd or think strangely because now I know why. Thanks to the efforts of those who developed this kind of websites, because I would still not know what it means to be a caulbearer. I still do not know why family is keeping it hush-hush, even with my sister it was just by default and I can see she wish she can take back the information, but truthfully I am grateful that I now know. I always felt there was the deepest secret about me that I did not know. I prayed that God reveal my deepest secret and just the following morning my sister blurted it out by mistake. I always wanted to have my fulfilling alone time, even though I was having this invisible presence, it gave me joy in my heart so now after researching about the caulbearers I know why I behave like that. I will never know what even happened to my caul because no one wants to talk to me about such but the least is knowing who I am in the face of the world.
Ms T. Pretoria. SA.


Hi, my Name is David, I'm from Lagos in Nigeria, I was born totally en-caul.. I mean my whole body was covered with Veil.. But I've not been seen or experiencing any strange stuff, but the only thing I observe was that, I don't like crowd, I have recognition problem and I like helping people, I have a very strong conscience and human feeling.. I can do some things I didn't learn at all.. And I also found life so hard and difficult, my wife is pregnant for two years till now... But I also observe that almost everyone posting their story here were born with veil only over their head.. But I was born all covered.. Please I will be happy to see another similar story to my story..
David, Lagos. Nigeria


Long time Ive known that I was born with a caul. Until now my mother is in possession of it. She keeps on telling me that I should never tell anyone that I was born with a caul. My caul brings luck to my family back home. I have seen elements at the age of 7, I had a near death experience at the age of 9, I believe I am lucky as well as a person for I have graduated with honors until I finish my university. I had encounters with spirit when I was in grade school, when I was at work , until now, my uncle recently passed away and he visited me twice. Before I know he died I saw his spirit, after 2 minutes the news came from my sister that he passed away. On the day he will be buried he visited me again and this time he gave me a hug. I have been living in another country now far away from my family. I have struggles in life but lucky me it seems like someone is always there guiding me and showing me the right way. I can sense people\'s intention and the most unexplainable thing is when I was talking with somebody and they tell me names, I can see beyond my eyes those people that we are talking about, as in where are they right now, what they are doing, but of course I never tell it to them, I am still keeping this secret to myself sometimes I just couldn\'t help but speak it out. The major event that I have predicted was the over speeding trains that happens (I won\'t state the date, somewhere in this country), I sense and feel that it is going to happen while my friends and I were eating out, I told them that something\'s gonna happen with regards to those trains and it did after 3 days, everybody present that day call me, asking how did I do that. I just told them I sense it. I dream a lot, I thought I never sleep for those dreams seems very real. Sometimes I am asking, Is there really a purpose for me being a caulbearer. It seems like my mind is talking to me all the time. And for my other fellow caulbearers, my vision\'s is very clear with the number 2021. I haven\'t seen any event\'s as of yet.
Rozo. Ontario. Canada

Hi My name is Linda I was born April ,29,1980 In Phila Pa . I was born with a caul also. My grandmother was too but she called it a veil, I have two small pin size holes along side my ears where the caul was attached called ear loops an when it was removed it left to small pin size holes. I have always felt out of placed an targeted. I dream true , I see an hear sprits since a little girl an now. As we go threw this earthly shift now in 2012 evolution is the key. I have met so many people born with a veil an without in the past years some just walk up to me off the street. I know how to do so much things as far as speaking to ancestors an meditation is amazeing lucid dreams, I dreamed about my children before I had any. Some dreams I have to decode an when it like reality Iam like I been here before thats how I no I have taped into that side both side of the brain I should say. Being born with a caul is a calling set forth to change the way people think an act an to bring forth change to this 3d world. An then the veil was lifted, Peace an light
Linda. Irving. USA


Mother told me I was born with a veil on my face. I've always felt and through a little different. I have Great compassion for the condition of others, strong since of justice for everyone. I love Jesus and have a great Indignation for people who hurt others. I'm able to remember this past, see parts of future and dreams our strong but fragmented. At times when I close my eyes I am able to see visions of I don't know what just what appears to be movies, the curtain opens and closes.
Dr John. Macon. USA                           


My name is Nazar I was born January 21st of 1980 in Guyana, South America I was born with a Veil over my face I cannot begin to tell you if it was removed the right way or not, my parents cannot remember either. As a child I use to see spirits, vivid dreams, sensing of spirits etc, one time around 2 years old my father was playing cricket with a few of his friends,i remember this like yesterday I seen a man in a pond calling me to come in the water I started going to the pond and got deep enough to start drowning my father seen me and ran and got me out of the pond he asked me what was I doing I said the man in the pond was calling me he looked and there wasn't anyone there. Another day I was in out attic I do not know what I was doing up there in the first place, i seen a really Goldish shiny light flying very fast towards me in an instant it went through me I automatically got sick and pail I was also 2 years of age my mom rushed me to a prayer warrior and he started to heal me and said there was a spell put on me, forward to when I was 18 , I use to party a lot like all other teenage friends I had, My father before leaving to the club mentioned to me he really hates me leaving at night I asked why he stated because you see spirits and he gets scared from that, also at the age of 18 my Grandmother past away ,after a few months of her death I was sleeping in my room when my door flew open but silently and it was my grandmother with no grey hair ,beautiful skin and a wonderful white robe, she told me to come with her I said no beacuse I'm not ready , she slowly reversed out the room and when she left i was sitting up like i was in a talking position , then i started thinking was this a dream or a vist I told my dad and he said do not leave with her because death follows, wow.I don't know if I can see spirits anymore but I can sense them very strongly. Also I have very disturbing dreams of being witness to casting out of demons, War in the future where America is crippled I also started having bad anxiety and have traits of Bipolar 2.
I'm very confused and have no other person to turn to that has the same gifts as me. Thank you all for your time
Nazar. Lubbock. USA                           


First off, I am NOT supposed to be here ! I was told this by a Numerology teacher, whose class I was taking. His response was: "Somebody must really want you here badly...Because you are not supposed to be here !"
I was born with the caul on April 21, 1951. I died on them twice. They were not expecting a RH Negative birth. So I was rushed to Mount Sinai in Chicago. Would you believe even after 14 years later when I was in for therapy, the nurse taking care of me remembered that night? As she put it. " I turned that hospital upside down !" I was in the hospital for 4 months before I could go home.I was given a nurse to be with me 24/7, Miss Monroe. I guess it was a constant touch and go sort of thing, for Miss Munroe told my mother, 'that God has a special purpose for this child. He will not let her die'. Such was my entrance into this world.
To say that I was different, would be an understatement.Many like myself are left feeling like we don't belong, no one really understands us, and we don't have anyone who does around us. So many years go by that are not really pleasant. You get older and you stumbled on this or that, where some doors finally creak open just a bit. Then a teacher comes your way. The door opens a little wider, but you find yourself , STILL bumbling about !LOL.
At 16 I had a siezure and died. I was going home at last ! Praise God ! God had other ideas, and sent me back. UGH ! Foiled again ! With the message that I have much work to do before can I come home. BUT...he never said what that work would entail. So there were many MORE years of my bumbling about, trying to discover what it exactly IS that I an supposed to be doing. Well, becoming a psychic cop wasn't it, Ghost Hunter extrodinaire wasn't it,doing card readings wasn't it. It took awhile to discover that Healing the sick and dying WAS it.
Those healings are done by the power of the mind, prayers and a knowing that it is done. There is no charge, as God in his infinite wisdom forgot to send down a price list ! LOL.
So where has all this led me ? To become a Bishop and do his work as a Chaplain in the hospitals, or being called to take care of someone at their home. I am 60 yrs. old now, and I only take care of the ones who come to me, through someone else.
I have been doing what I do for a long time now.It is my belief that if we can pull our collective selves thought, one prayer,one focus...miracles will not be the exception....but the norm.
By ourselves, we can't do much, but as a GROUP of like minded people, much can be achieved.For the greater good of humanity. What say you ? 
Rev Mother Gail Morser. Illinois. USA


Debra. Bishop. USA


I was born on 9 12 1983 and I'm the youngest of three boys.I am a storey is nothing much but my struggles are hard.I always felt I was alittle different I could always tell when something was off even from a young age.but the hardship didn't start till my teen's.I found the sweet release from what I though was a hard life with drug' my twenties I started to main line heroin with verify period's of clean time six months eight months.but now I'm soberand I get this weekday feeling as if I know what people think.feelings of fear have disappeared I find myself making friend every where I go on a deeper level more real and opened friendshipsthat go both way.I feel free to say what I mean as the other person.I have been on a journey an spiritual aweaking has taking place.I need not let fear run my life but be the.person god want me to war of self is getting easyer each room mate make fun of me for being a caul she says that my ability to understand when some one in pain and the.ways I reach people on the different levels may hurt and hold me back from staying sober for the rest of my life.I think she may be right.I hate seeing people in pain my heart feel even the most smallest things that can make some one feel any pain.well I just told my new friend about my gift and he said he can see it as well.may god be with you all.
Kevin. Boston. USA


When I was about 13, my sister and I were up talking one night about the day I was born. She's 18 years older than me, so she recalled the story well. She told me about things that happened, such as as soon as I was crowning, someone was popping popcorn at the nurse's station and it grossed her out. And I was like, "Ew! I bet that was a sight, me all bloody coming out and the room smelling like popcorn." We laughed about it, but she told me that I didn't come out bloody at all. She told me I was born a "white veil baby". I was curious about it so I asked her what it was. Naturally, she didn't know much, and neither did my mom. Only that they were "special."

I've always wanted to know more about it, and I never really could find anything on the internet. I just recently learned the scientific name for a white veil baby is a caul baby. I'm only 17, but many strange things have happened to me in my life, but I've never saw the future or seen ghosts. A few times I recall talking to this woman outside my window. I was about 3 or 4, and, I have a vivid memory to start out with, but I remember plain as day, this woman with long silver hair in a white nightgown and robe. She always looked blue in the moonlight. My mom would catch me having conversations with her all hours of the night. Maybe I connected the lady with a dream I had, or something. But I remember her. Things like that sometimes seem more like a memory than a dream to me.

Nothing extraordinary has happened to me as I got older, except I started having sleep paralysis when I was 12. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for something to be "special" about me. I don't want any of that. I would just like to be prepared if something is going to happen to silly as that sounds. I'm glad I found someplace I could talk to people about this. My family thinks I'm crazy enough without me asking all these questions. :)
Ariel. Baton Rouge. USA


Hi, my first daughter (second child) was born in the caul in august 2008.  The first thing the midwife said " she will never drown". She said se has only witnessed a handful of births like this, it was the first time I had ever heard of a caul and at this stage I did a little research.
In June 2010 I gave birth to another little girl (number 3 child), and much to both the hospitals and our surprise, she too was born with her veil. I kept the caul this time round. Both girls were natural deliveries!
They say that caulbearers can be 1 in 80,000, so I am curious to see how many caulbearer siblings exist!
Belinda. Melbourne. Australia


I am originally from Bolivia, South America. Since I was a small child I always had dreams and premonitions about the future and the past. In my dreams I am able to communicate with dead relatives that sometimes give me messages and guidance. I meet several people in different circusntances that told me that I have special powers and that I came to this world to help people. I have a mark in my back and also in the back of my head. As many of you I can see auras and I am able to see energy with my eyes shot. I am very impress to find out all this information and to get some answers about my life here on this website. It would be great to meet other caul babies and interchange some experiences. Blessings!


I am the mother of an 8 yr old child that was born with her caul intact. My waters never broke although I was in full labour which I thought was strange. As she was being born the midwife shouted for help and I only realised after she was delivered safely that it was because she was being born with the caul intact. I have to say she is the most intuitive, kind and thoughtful child and even as a baby she always smiled and was happy. I think myself that she is psychic as she senses things and feels things without words being spoken. She does not have marks on her but has regular nose bleeds for some strange reason.
Sharon. mid glamorgan. UK      


Hi all. I was born on Friday 13th in 1979 with a veil over the right side of my face. I have a small hole on my right ear.  I was told all of my young life that I had the gift of being able to see things by my great-grandmother who is creole and from down south. When I was little she would ask me what I dreamed about nightly and play the lottery based on the numbers my dream equaled out to. She always told me I could develop the ability to control my gift if I really honed in on it. I like many of you have always felt out of place or just one step behind everyone else.

Six years ago I had a dream that I was sitting in a hospital room stroking the hand of the person on the bed but the hand was blurry as was the face. My family was standing around the bed my sister was looking at me crying. In the dream I kept asking my sister who died but she just cried and cried. It was february or march 2006 when I had the dream. I only told my sister about it describing every detail of the dream I could recall. On fathers day 2006 my middle son died from drowning while we were at the beach in Ocean City NJ. When we were allowed to go in and say goodbye to him I sat at his side and stroked his hand my sister walked in and the contents of the dream were right in front of me. I said to her this is the dream and she just cried and cried.

Since that day of losing my 7 year old angel I have been more and more aware of things around me but I didn't really know how to handle this "gift"  or how to control it. Like many of you I feel lost.

Tondalia. Philadelphia. USA.


I was born on Easter Sunday in 1964 with a Caul. My mother and  father were followers of the Pentecostal Christian movement. I am of  American Indian and African decent. The memories of my early years are still clear in my mind's heart, even the crawling ages were concisely recorded. My nights were filled with recurring dreams and battles to have the power of choice in that realm. The house I spent most of my young life in was an old sea house in San Diego, Cal. Around the age of twelve after being taunted for some years I decided to challenge the spirit or ghost at the time whom were keeping me awake by making noises down stairs each time I managed to get out of going to church. Standing at the top of the stairs I spoke to the darkness below to show yourself or be silent from now on!  That night never had to be repeated again.

My musical talent started on bongos in church then to drums. My mother bought a Piano and soon I was playing it in churches of mixed denominations. After years living in Alabama were my mother grew up I earned a scholarship in performing arts from the United states University in the black mountains of San Diego. I joined the Air force to full fill one of three dream I had which took me to England. My true gifts started to come out in my second year during which time I was living in London working with a band signed to EMI. In 1995 I started Inner Sound creative development. My gift has truly made room for me even taking me to Kensington place for a Duke of Edinburgh awards ceremony. I no longer question my Caulbearer responsibilities and my intuitive abilities.
Jim. London. UK


Hi my name is Dean :) I was born 1971 and I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I was the only one born with the caul covering my face.. I have always been interested in the stars and astronomy, Extra terrestrial life and all that goes with it. I have a strong tuition that in my later part of life I have started to listen too, I have had two near death experiences drowning and saved both times just in the nick of time.. my Mum told me that Caul baby`s cant drown .. A wives tail ? :) The special gift I have I only realised what it was 12 months ago although it has been with me for as long as I can remember.

When my eyes are closed, I see lots of light, shapes and colours, It took for me to stand in a Crop Circles formation
with some very spiritual people asking lots of questions and I brought up all the light and colour I see, She told me it was energy, we stood there in this 700 foot formation, and with my eyes closed I could see the energy  lines of the formation very clrealy, I was then told to ask for the femine colour and I resaw purplr straight away , then asked for the masculine  colour and saw Red instantly !! This was very exciting to say the least,
I also spent time with an Ancient Crystal Skull " SYNERGY " while my hands were above it, they heated up and the energy went down my arms into my elbows, my middle finger tips were tingling and the Care taker of the  Skull pinched them, to my suprise  I asked how she new to do that !!, She told me that she could see the energy blocked in my finger tips,she told me I could be a healer If i wanted to be :) I have seen light beings when 
in group meditation and can see the colour vibrate when my eyes are closed when they use sound in these meditations I have had some very interesting experiences in my life.. 

I have been joining the dots for a long time, I dont know if any of you have heard of Starseeds.. Dolores Cannon -
convoluted Universe.. alot of my experiences I ve had, I have found to be a part of the 2nd wave. I have seen 11.11 most of my life and googled it 5 
years ago.. it has changed my whole life :)it is a wake up call  I have had a spiritual awakening that I could never have imagined :)
Dean. Gold Coast. Australia


Hello, my name is Rosaida, Im 46 years old, I was born in the country, my parents had a coffee farm in the center of the island in a place sorrounded by mountains. Im the last of 12 kids from same mom and dad.  My mother told me how I was born at 5 am not in the hospital , in the house.  The woman that assist my mom during labor said I was born inside a veil, and I had a special gift, that I was born for a special spiritual purpose in this world. She took the veil and let it go down the river near my home.

For many years, I felt something was wrong with me , that I was diferent, that nobody can understand me, that my thought were so different than most of the people near me.  I have suffered so much for different reasons. Dont want to play the victim.  But at last just a few years ago something happened that started to open my eyes to a new reality.  I started to know people that is like me and I discovered that Im different but for a good reason that there is nothing wrong , that I have been blessed being this way.  Usually I can feel the suffering of people and also their happiness even if they dont show it to others, Im conected with nature animals, plants , wind, water , everything around us.  I have dreams, that are not just dreams, I have warnings of things that are going to happen sometimes, some I can understand it, some times i dont, some times they just scare me so much.

My mother told me about this veil when I was an adult woman, she also told me that she loves all her kids but some of them were just so special and that was me.  She for some reason loves me so much that causes jealousy in my other brothers and sisters.  I have found out that Im a very spiritual person, that I have been so protected by God and the angels. Im happy for the special love I receive every moment. I have traveled how to explain this is a little dificult for me, is like being out of my body and can be in places just in seconds some places I can recognize it some are new to me. I can see the things in a diferent way that other people and most of them just do not understand. I have been talking with a friend that is telling me something so personal a confession sometimes and I discovered that I know it before they start talking about it, or I finish it before him or her do it. Then they said , you are so special that I cant understand , its like a connection. Its so easy for me to understand animals even plants for many people they will say Im crazy. I know they can hear me and I can hear them.  When I was a little girl I saw things that just was like dreaming awake, but what was weird that nobody else around me was able to see.  For me life has been full of magic and wonderful surprises, pain has been also part of my life, but life is a gift with a veil or not a veil. Its a journey, a school and a challege. I have a birth mark, its a brown spot in the center of my spinal bone but with time it is moving down.

Im trying to discover more about my purpose here , just starting my journey, and wanting to do my Gods will.  I appreciate the oportunity that you offered me to join here and write.  It is so nice to read other peoples  experiences and to know that Im not the only one in this spiritual mission.
Blessings to all of you.
Rosaida. Toa Alta. Puerto Rico


I found out recently that I was born with a veil or Caul. My mother told me. More recentlly I find myself "daydreaming" to the past and have learned many things one of which has caused a falling out between my family.  I have seen close family die before they have actually died and see one more this February that is going to destroy my family. But they won't listen to me because of what I have learned from the past. I want to prevent it cause I know how this ends and no one benifits. I have had several people not listen but now they do. I cannot tell about what I have learned from the past  but I need some guidence. What should I do? I know I have a gift but I know nothing of it I will say if you have this gift look to the past it will change your life 
Steven. Harrogate. US


Hello to all who may read this. My name is melissa, I was born in Sommerville, New Jersey. I in fact was born with a caul. When I was born the doctor removed my veil, unfortunatly my mother never kept my veil. After my veil was removed I had a gray patch of hair and a big strawberry on the back of my head (birth mark.) I learned of me being born with a veil when I was 18 years old. I only found out because I kept asking my mother why can I do what I can do as in psychic/medium abilities. Thats when finally she said you were born with a veil and thats all im going to say. My family never talks about thing we have to figure stuff out on our own. I have always wondered why I was different. I still have many questions unanswered.   My grandmother on the other hand says im special and says I have an ability im supposed to utilize in helping others.            She also said I do want to say never accept money for your abilities, thats not why you were born with them.                I seem to know things as well with out ever being taught whatever it is I have knowledge about at the time of that particular conversation. Sometimes I feel mis-understood.  I am hoping this site will give me answers and help me to feel a connection with people who understand me.
Melissa.Portland. USA 


I am not ready to share yet as am skeptical. One thing I know for sure is that my mother did not keep my veil. When I was born every nurse, doctor was beckoned to my poor mothers room as they lifted this thin membrane off of my face. My mother said that my skin was so transparent I do believe she said that I scared the crap out of her. Well amongst all the turmoil, my veil was not kept. I do believe that I miss it every day......Well enough said...It is nice to  think that I may have found a site that I can vent and possibly be understood. Thankyou and we"ll see what happens.....
Lori. Thunder Bay. Canada


My mother told me only a few years ago that I was born with a caul. I immediately went on the internet and downloaded as much 
information as I could. The information was amazing. I have been told a number of times by complete strangers, one of them a
psychic medium, that 'I am different'. I have also been given a reading by another medium to say that I will be taken into the desert by a prophet
and will then write a book about my experience. As yet it hasn't happened.

 I have no marks on my body like some caulbearers who have a scar on their spine. Although I do have a little tiny little hole on the palm of my left
hand which I have had since birth. Although my life has had its ups and downs like everyone else I do sometimes feel as if something remarkable is going to happen in my life.
Tom. Manchester. UK


My Mom told me that I was born with the veil. I did not think much about it at the time. However,I do receive messages and warnings for my loved ones.(protection) Sometimes it feels like I could receive so much more especially from the dearly departed if I wasnt so wary of it.I guess that I just dont want people to think that I am a nut. When I do give a message to someone(oftentimes it is a feeling of urgency to deliver it) I feel like I have to defend myself first so they take it seriously.  My 21 year old nephew was given a warning that he ignored. Consequently he was hit by a drunken driver and is now crippled in his left leg and is brain damaged..I wish I had the time/courage to just sit and receive information from those who have passed on. It is like I know for a fact that I can communicate but it scares me at the same time.  How can I get over that?
Marie. Orange County. USA


I am 17 years old. I have had dreams about the future, but it was nothing special - only what would happen the next day, something important to me and people that are important to me. I never paid too much attention to it, though it freaked me out. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small country in Europe that is not very well socially developed, so my family didn't pay too much attention to the fact that I am a caul bearer. It was only a few months ago that I learned this, and a few days ago, I found this site and the explanation of my dreams.
I am still afraid of my "gift", as I notice that people call it. I am just a teenager, and I don't know if I can handle this. Yet, it is relieving to see that there are many others like me.
Sumejja, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo    

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