What is a Caul?

It is part of the amniotic sac or membrane that adheres to the head and face of a newborn baby. This sac is the amnion or birth sac, which is the enclosing membrane that holds the amniotic fluid that surrounds the unborn child. Both the amnion and the Caul are membrane.

The anmion is part of the mother's DNA and the Caul that covers the face of the baby is the child's DNA.  The amnion is part of the afterbirth that is expelled from the womb in childbirth but the Caul/ belongs to the child.

The caul is dense similar to human skin.  It is harmless and easily removed by the doctor or midwife. It is said that fewer than 1 in 80,000 babies are born with a caul. En-caul births are where the baby is born inside the sac and these are not classed as caul births. If anyone has any scientific research on numbers or anything to do with caul births then please do let us know.

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