Caul Baby

Are you a Caul Bearer Born under the Veil? If so then it said that you have special intuitive powers or are blessed in some way. It could be that you have a special purpose on this earth.

This site is for those of us born with a caul. It is also for those interested in this special phenomenon. It aims to bring together Caulbearers from all over the world to discuss, share, learn and meet others who have been blessed with this extremely rare 'gift'.

I would like to invite, You, my Caulbearing, 'spiritual brother or sister, to help create the world's finest website to the Caul by telling us your
and bringing other Caulbearers here.

Join our brand new Forum Caul Baby Forum

I now invite you to join us so that we can send you news, information and details of any events that we hopefully will be running in the future.
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